DIMS is a one stop source for helping the manufacturing industry get the best possible return for their excess electrical, industrial automation and mechanical parts. That means looking inside and outside of our own company to find the best solutions to get the highest returns possible.

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Manufacturers’ Inventory (MI) is the fastest growing online marketplace for buyers and sellers of new or unused industrial components, parts, and equipment. MI facilitates hassle-free listings and transactions using its proprietary QuickList technology. The Manufacturers’ Inventory marketplace takes the manual work out of selling industrial products online. This system allows companies with excess inventory to get the best possible return (~65%-85% of product value) back on their excess, unused, industrial automation parts. Our system will automatically generate full product descriptions and other relevant information needed for selling online. Using just the manufacturer part number, the Manufacturers’ Inventory QuickList system can list thousands of products at a time. There are no costs to list products on the site. DIMS only collects our success fee when a product is sold.

How does that work?

1.  You send us a list of excess parts you wish to list for sale online. The list contains at minimum: Manufacturer Part Number, Quantity, and Manufacturer.

2.  We’ll analyze and process your list using our QuickList technology.

3.  You review your listings and edit suggested pricing to activate your listings.

4.  You are notified when a product is sold and instructed on how to ship it to the buyer.

5.  Collect your portion of the sale.



Manufacturers’ Inventory is the marketplace for new and unused parts and components. For parts in other conditions, as well as, industrial equipment we use Dimventory.com to connect these products to the buyers of the industrial world. This secondary marketplace expands exposure worldwide with the same no risk approach under the DIMS brand.  At no additional charge to you we list your new and unused products on both Manufacturers’ Inventory and Dimventory.  A DIMS team member takes care of listing your items on Dimventory, manages the listings, and contacts you with any inquiries or sales.

DIMS utilizes various marketplaces to promotes it sellers’ products, possibly including but not limited to Dimventory, Ebay, GoogleShopper, Amazon, and Alibaba.

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