We analyze industrial market trends to help you become better in planning for industrial markets and achieving your lean manufacturing goals. Our database provides you with a variety of industrial market information and metrics to help you with your active, critical, and obsolete industrial parts management.

After exhausting other solutions that will gain a better return, there may be some parts that may not be ideal for production anymore. DIMS provides this analysis throughout our process and eventually may reach this stage.


DIMS is always looking to help promote innovation and find new, alternative uses for excess machines parts. DIMS will work within its network to find demand for sellers’ parts in new ways.  If your company uses these parts in a non-traditional way, DIMS would like to talk with you. DIMS is always looking for new solutions to add to its portfolio.


There is some inventory that may not have been sold through other outlets. This is an opportunity to do some good in the world and donate it to an organization who will use it for educational purposes. DIMS will help you donate that excess industrial automation equipment and dead stock. DIMS has donation outlets where sellers can get a tax deduction up to 200% of the product’s cost.

Recycle & Scrap

DIMS will help you recycle or scrap materials that do not sell online. We maximize your return by leveraging our network of recyclers who will take your electrical components, mechanical, components, used industrial equipment, factory automation equipment, MRO supply, production plant equipment, original equipment manufacturer parts, and surplus excess inventory.

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