Seller Benefits


No Risk or Up-Front Cost

DIMS charges nothing up-front to process, list and market excess inventory. A fee is collected only after a product is sold. DIMS aligns itself with its sellers goals and the payoff is paralleled as well.


Unique Tools & Options

The DIMS process begins with products being listed on its marketplace, Manufacturers’ Inventory, using its proprietary QuickList technology. Parts can also be sold quickly through liquidation and other outlets.


Streamlined Process

DIMS has created the first fully comprehensive set of solutions for moving excess inventory. Once a seller submits a list, a DIMS Account Manager will find the best return to help meet the seller’s timeline and needs.


Top Financial Returns

DIMS uses the combined selling power of its customers to gain the best returns on customers’ inventory. Top returns have been delivered though the Manufacturers’ Inventory marketplace, liquidation and scrap service partners.