Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is DIMS?

    DIMS is an acronym for Dead Inventory Management System. Dead Inventory Management System is a company that offers a one stop place and analysis to help the manufacturing industry get the best potential return for excess industrial inventory. It is the parent company to Manufacturers’ Inventory. 

  • What role does DIMS play in recruiting Buyers and Sellers for parts in MI?

    Manufacturers’ Inventory is one of the tools and services offered by Dead Inventory Management System. People who come to DIMS, will often be directed to explore Manufacturers’ Inventory as their first option solution. 

  • How does DIMS help me manage my dead inventory more effectively?

    DIMS provides a one stop resource for all dead inventory solutions. 

  • How do I contact DIMS?

    844.774.6764 or email or use the contact us page. 

  • What is the relationship between DIMS and Manufacturers’ Inventory?

    Dead Inventory Management System is the parent organization for Manufacturers’ Inventory. MI is offered as a tool or service of DIMS. You will receive the same quality support for DIMS and MI.

  • How do I become a channel partner?

    Contact us at 844.7.SHOP.MI (844.774.6764) to discuss potential opportunities.

  • How does pricing work for DIMS analysis and services?

    DIMS does not charge any upfront costs for initial analysis and consultation. Depending on the services executed, DIMS takes a percentage of the sales price or some sort of commission based on the solution used.

  • What does it mean to be a channel partner?

    DIMS offers secondary services to its customers to help them explore all potential dead inventory solutions. To make this happen, we refer them to existing outlets. Partnership opportunities differ depending on the types of services your company provides. Please contact us to learn more. 

  • What regions does DIMS serve?

    Depending on the type of service you are interested in; Manufacturers’ Inventory operates on a national and international basis while all other solutions are served in the United States alone.

  • What does being a channel partner entail?

    DIMS is a one stop shop for dead inventory solutions. We provide analysis and facilitation of selling parts. If that is not through our online Marketplace, Manufacturers’ Inventory, we look to facilitate other transactional solutions on behalf of our customer. Being a partner means you will work with us, we will refer our clients to your services in exchange for a finder’s fee. Details of all partnerships are unique and to be negotiated and managed with a DIMS employee.

  • What is Manufacturers’ Inventory?

    Manufacturers’ Inventory is Dead Inventory Management System’s first online marketplace. It is equipped with tools that help companies with excess inventory list it online in an efficient manner.

  • How does liquidation work through DIMS?

    DIMS strives to get the best possible return for your excess inventory. If our analysis reveals that liquidation may be the best solution for your dead inventory, we’ll track down quotes to get you the best return and set up all the shipping arrangements with your shipping department. We’re doing the work for you and will charge a finder’s fee for our efforts. 

  • How does recycling work through DIMS?

    DIMS will do the research necessary to find a facility to take those parts that may not be able to sell online, help coordinate logistics of moving the product to the facility, for a small finder’s fee.

  • How does the process for selling work with DIMS?

    DIMS performs an analysis of your dead inventory and helps you sell it through multiple different services, depending on your needs.

    A few quick steps:

    – Connect with DIMS (click any of the “Join Us” links on the website or call to set up an appointment with an Account Manager.

    – Put together a list of excess inventory you are interested in selling, including the manufacturer part number, quantity and manufacturer (at minimum)

    – DIMS will use its technology to analyze, and an account Manager will get back to you with your best options for getting the highest return possible based on your company’s needs.

    – Work with your account manager to execute suggested solutions options. 

  • Will you buy my inventory?

    No. DIMS does not buy nor do we take title of your inventory.

  • How do I ship my goods?

    Sellers ship with the DIMS packing slip.

  • How soon do I receive my payment?

    Payment can be immediate.

  • What is my cost to list & market my inventory?

    There is no cost to list and market products!

  • What does DIMS get for selling my products?

    We receive a commission for each product sold!