Dead Inventory Management System Adds New Team Members

ST. LOUIS, Missouri—Dead Inventory Management System (DIMS) has added two Saint Louis University students to their team.

In October, DIMS hired two new interns as part of the rebranding of their company. The new interns are both juniors from SLU.  Their names are April Duncan and Kat Grant.  April is an entrepreneurship student and Kat is a marketing major at SLU.  Both women are excited to show what they can bring to the team.  April has said “It is exciting to get to be a part of the startup atmosphere.  I am also excited to get to learn about an industry I otherwise wouldn’t have gotten to know.”  The new interns will help with the process of rebranding the company. Recently, DIMS has launched their new and improved website

The internship program is to help students gain skills in sales and marketing.  Students have the ability to learn what it takes for future positions.  DIMS encourages the students to jump in and test their skills.

Dead Inventory Management System, LLC (DIMS) is a Saint Louis based startup serving companies with “dead inventory” consisting of industrial components, equipment and other MRO parts. As an online resource for analyzing and moving excess inventory, DIMS mission is to help those interested in moving their excess inventories quickly and are concerned with increasing or optimizing their returns. DIMS connects active buyers with your parts and equipment while delivering top dollar with minimal work because only DIMS has a unique analytical process and provides a no risk, perfectly aligned partnership with its sellers to move products to a global network of interested buyers. A growing part of DIMS is its online B2B industrial marketplace, Manufacturers’ Inventory. For more information about services, visit or call us 844-774-6764 and locally at 314-774-6764.