About DIMS

We felt your pain…

Dead Inventory Management System, LLC. (DIMS) helps the manufacturing industry get the best possible returns for their excess MRO supply through their spectrum of services. We are in the business of helping original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), electrical distributors, production plants, and storeroom managers explore all possible solutions to move their excess electrical and mechanical components. DIMS was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri.

Our founders first experienced the problem with dead inventory when working in the manufacturing industry and saw their employers throwing away millions of dollars of unused, excess parts, components and equipment each year in an effort to clear their shelf space. Our founders sought a better solution to excess inventory than current models. We are truly aligned with the goals of our sellers, we are working to get them the best possible deals, because that’s how we get paid too.

Customers receive a comprehensive management system for their inventory needs. We offer complete analysis and consulting on dead inventory solutions to help determine the way to get the best return possible.  Whether that is using the Manufacturers’ Inventory proprietary technology to quickly list thousands of parts or working with your assigned account manager to help explore liquidation, recycling, or donation opportunities.



Our mission is to provide new, innovative solutions to excess, idle and dead inventory.

We accomplish this by:

  • Focusing on excellent customer service and continuous improvement
  • Utilizing our resources of people, technologies, and processes
  • Acting on our responsibility to improve manufacturing by reducing waste and inefficiencies while providing the best value for our customers, employees and investors


To find every part a BETTER place



We work hard to fulfill our commitments by:

  • Being accountable
  • Continuously improving ourselves and our services offered
  • Providing urgent, accurate information
  • Delivering excellent service to our customers and partners

Our Promise

We believe it is important to provide true transparency in the industrial aftermarket to help shift the current mindset of waste in the manufacturing space. DIMS provides a platform and creates real relationships to fully serve the best interests of our customers.

We take a fair percentage of what we create for our sellers. We strive to provide real value and never expect customers to stay around if we aren’t delivering value to them. We believe it is important to listen to the marketplace and continually develop new technologies and solutions to meet the changing demand of those we serve.

Our customers’ success is our success. DIMS is incentivized to provide the very best financial return for its customers in an efficient manner. We are excited and privileged to work with you.