Seller Benefits


What is DIMS

Dead Inventory Management System (DIMS) is a comprehensive system of solutions, including our marketplace services, liquidation and green alternatives to help customers quickly move and optimize returns on their dead, obsolete, or excess industrial components, equipment and MRO supply inventory.


Proprietary QuickList Technology

DIMS takes the manual work out of selling online. It provides a roadmap on where to get rid of products to meet seller goals. Our technology can process and list nearly 5,000 unique parts per hour with just a few clicks. 

How DIMS Works

Expansive Network of Buyers

DIMS is paired with multiple platforms to sell inventory for top returns or quickly move excess parts. We help match current supply with active demand resulting in selling product of 55%-120% of its original cost.

Why DIMS Succeeds

Initial Analysis & Intelligence

DIMS’ QuickList technology does an initial analysis of a list of excess parts to determine the solutions to get the highest returns within the expectations and timetable of its seller.

DIMS Solutions

True Partnership

DIMS does not succeed until its customers receive value, creating a low risk, partnership opportunity to get maximum returns on inventory that is no longer needed or taking up valuable warehouse space.

DIMS Promise


Our Clients Say it Best

  • "Dead Inventory Management System has been a great partner is moving our dead inventory.  We submit lists periodically and you do all the work.  What else could a guy ask for?  Utilizing Manufacturers’ Inventory to purchase product was so easy too.  Keep up the good work."

    Mark D, Sales Manager

  • "Where were you in the 90’s?  We’ve thrown away millions since!"

    Corporate Inventory Manager

  • "DIMS team, When our company had to clear some space and get rid of unneeded product quickly, you made it very simple to submit our product lists  to you, I was able to get back to doing my job, while you handled the rest while getting us great liquidation returns.  I’ll be back next time for sure."

    Integrated Supply Site Manager

  • "The introduction to your donation partner that helped us get a tax write off worth twice as much was huge for us!  And someone else got to use the products.  All around working with DIMS has been great for our business."

    Michelle, UL Panel Shop Manager/Buyer

  • "Soon enough this will be the place that everyone goes to."

    Inventory Specialist